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2017 FOCUS Photography Festival Mumbai

FOCUS Festival Mumbai
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FOCUS Photography Festival Mumbai takes place every two years, in the month of March.

FOCUS was launched in 2013. Modelled on the democratic nature of photography, the premise of the festival revolves around making its rich history freely accessible to all. FOCUS extends out of the gallery space and onto the walls, shops and cafes of Mumbai as well into the very streets of the city. Working with a cross-section of different spaces, we aim to not only celebrate the art form through an eclectic choice of artists and new cultural collaborations, but also to reach and engage with a diverse array of visitors.

Since the inaugural edition, the FOCUS community has grown extensively and the sheer scope and range of exhibitions and workshops in 2015 paid testimony to the adventurous and collaborative ethos of the festival. For its third edition, the festival theme is Memory.

In March 2017, this theme will explore how photographs and photographers have used the medium to construct and shape history, underpinning socio-political narratives and building geographies as well as retelling our very own personal stories. Since the birth of the medium we have used photography and its archives to revisit the past and talk about the present, to challenge what we think we remember, to deconstruct the grand pillars of history and extract new stories from the margins.

Each time in Focus Festival Mumbai, you might find something enchanting and magical.Here are always some unique works in the exhibition. Let’s have a check in the following.


BIND presents a photobook library in a section of Trilogy Library and Bookstore.

As a platform, BIND aims to promote the visibility and access of contemporary photobooks in South Asia, while encouraging the growth of bookmaking and publishing practices with photography in the region. Since 2015, BIND has been building a collection of books to be made available to the public for consultation through photography festivals and other art related events. Besides their personal collections, all these books have been generously donated by artists, publishers and institutions that believe our engagement to share these books with the wider audience while fostering discussions around the photobook as a specific form of expression and art object.

True to their first wish to make our library a travelling one, the BINDbox enables them to carry the books and display them as unique objects, in different ways. On regular occasions, a guest will be invited to use the BINDbox and present a curated selection of photobooks exploring a certain thematic or question. For the first edition of the BINDbox, and in conjunction with FOCUS Mumbai Photography Festival, Asmita Parelkar proposes a selection of works exploring memory and the interweaving of its personal and collective dimensions. The BIND collection will also be accessible at Trilogy, the serene library with wonderful books handpicked by Ahalya & Meethil.

Hope you will not miss the next FOCUS in the spring of 2019.

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