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Pranab Basak

Global Photography first became acquainted with Pranab Basak on our 6th Mobile Photo Contest with his honorable mentioned work "Yet Another Day Starts". Apart from being a self-taught amateur photographer, this 45-year-old talented life-recorder is also a professional junior engineer in Telecom public sector of India.

For a long time, Pranab Basak has never forgotten photography, with which he loved in his childhood; and ultimately started taking photographs with camera in the year of 2009. Street photography, in particular, is his main focus while walking on the street around the city, especially on the trip. As Pranab Basak said, his favorite travel enables him to capture memorable moments, people and places.

Some of Pranab Basak’s winning awards:

2nd Award in Photo Brigade Documentary Photo Contest, 2010, United Kingdom

IREX International Grand Award, 2013, USA

HPA Nomination Award by UNESCO, 2013, China

Runner up in Wexas Travel Photography Contest (People Category), 2013

Grand Winner in Maison Chance Photo Contest , 2013 , Vietnam

Category and 2nd Grand winner in “India Is Global Photography Challenge 2013”, India 

3rd Award in Pichit Photo Contest, 2014, Sweden

Honored with EFIAP Distinction in Photography by UNESCO in 2015

Bonus Prize in Olympus Global Open Photo Contest 2015, Japan

3rd Award in CGAP Photo Contest, 2015, USA

2nd Award in UNESCO New Delhi photo Contest 2016, India

and 44 distinction medals in International Photography Salon in 33 different countries.



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